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What we do

Expert Counseling from 8th Grade Onward - Strategically Planning Success for 11th & 12th Graders

We provide start-to-finish coaching that includes improving student profiles, researching and developing a list of colleges, crafting competitive personal statements and supplemental materials, and more!

For 12th Graders
At this critical stage, we tailor our services to focus intensively on your applications. Our support adapts to your specific needs and the number of schools you're aiming for. While we offer comprehensive guidance, admission outcomes are influenced by numerous factors beyond our control. 
  • Initial University Application: Expect an in-depth commitment, covering all facets of the application process. 
  • Supplemental Schools: Each subsequent application will require additional hours.
For 11th Graders
Engage with us in your junior year for a holistic development program, designed to elevate your appeal to top-tier colleges. 
  • Motivation Boost: 1-on-1 conversations with successful applicants, sharing insights on their journeys to top schools. 
  • Speech & Personal Development: Coaching to enhance your presentation skills and personal growth. 
  • Extracurricular Counseling: Targeted advice to bolster your extracurricular profile. 
  • Test Prep Strategy: Focused brainstorming on methods to improve your test scores. 
  • Application Guidance: Personalized assistance to meticulously complete your university applications.
For 9th and 10th Graders
Starting early with us sets a strong foundation for college admission success. Our comprehensive program spans motivation, personal development, extracurricular planning, and test preparation strategies. 
  • Motivation Boost: 1-on-1 conversations with alumni from prestigious universities, discussing their strategies for success. 
  • Speech & Personal Development: Refining your communication skills and self-growth. 
  • Extracurricular Counseling: Advice on selecting and excelling in extracurricular activities that enhance your application. 
Test Prep Strategy: Brainstorming sessions aimed at boosting your test performance.

Our story

In a world where education is the gateway to opportunities, we noticed a glaring disparity: students from outside the United States faced unique challenges and complexities in navigating the U.S. college admissions process. The journey to understanding and mastering this process was fraught with obstacles for international students—language barriers, cultural differences, and a lack of accessible, specialized guidance. As a team of experienced educators, we saw these challenges not just as hurdles for international students but as a call to action. Our mission became clear: to democratize access to higher education in the United States for students around the globe. 

Thus, our service was born from the idea that every student, regardless of their geographic or cultural background, deserves expert guidance and support to unlock their full potential. We dedicated ourselves to becoming more than just consultants; we aimed to be mentors, coaches, and allies in the journey of international students towards achieving their dreams. Our approach is holistic and personalized, recognizing that each student’s path to college is as unique as their individual stories. We pride ourselves on being not just advisors but advocates for our students, empowering them to navigate the admissions process with confidence and success. Our commitment remains unwavering: to provide comprehensive, compassionate, and culturally sensitive admissions coaching that levels the playing field for international students aspiring to study in the United States. This is our story, rooted in the belief that education knows no borders. It’s a story we’re honored to continue, one successful admission at a time.


Top1 Admission connects students from around the world with admissions consultants who graduated from the top 5 globally ranked universities. 

Our services have helped students receive college admissions to… Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, Columbia, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge, Duke, Dartmouth, Cornell, Carnegie Mellon, University of California - Berkeley, University of California - Los Angeles (UCLA), Georgetown, Tufts, Georgia Tech, and more

How does Top1 Admission Consulting work?

Whether you're applying to college, graduate school, or a specialized program, this session is designed to provide you with the guidance and resources necessary to maximize your chances of admission to your desired institution.

Step 1: Schedule an initial consultation

This initial consultation is an opportunity for you to get to know us and our approach. It also gives us the chance to get to know you, your educational and extracurricular background, and your academic goals.

We take a comprehensive and holistic approach to admissions consulting, and we want to ensure that our services are the best fit for you.

Step 2: Choose one of our consulting packages

Each student comes to us at different parts of the admissions journey. We customize various packages that work with students through each part of the college admissions process, including choosing a variety of application targets and crafting compelling essays.

Step 3: Meet with your admissions coach

You will meet with our admissions coaches to review your progress, work on relevant aspects of your application, and receive customized and actionable feedback.

We customize the meeting frequency based on where the student is at in the process in order to keep them on track to achieving their goals and remove some of the stress that comes from applying to universities.

Step 4: Have your application reviewed by multiple admissions coaches.

Before submitting your application, your main essays will be reviewed by three or more admissions coaches. They will provide you with concrete suggestions to ensure that your application is compelling and competitive.

Step 5: Receive acceptances to the best universities for you

By putting in time and energy, the students who work with us will receive acceptances to top universities. At this point, a well-deserved celebration is due!

They Say

What They Say About Us

Transformed, Personalized Guidance, Outstanding Application

Kim embarked on her journey with us as an 8th grader, laying the groundwork for her high school years under our guidance. Together, we crafted a strategic plan of action for her, selecting courses and extracurricular activities that would enhance her profile. As she progressed into her junior and senior years, our collaboration deepened. We supported Kim in the application process to 20 schools, culminating in her acceptance to prestigious institutions like the University of California - Berkeley, the University of California - Los Angeles (UCLA), and Carnegie Mellon—her top choices.

KIM, Accepted Student

Ella started working with us during the summer before 12th grade. We worked with Ella in applying to 8 schools, and so her package included meetings once a week. These meetings were focused on building out a university application plan, writing and editing the main application essay, and crafting and perfecting the supplemental essays. Ella was admitted and earned a scholarship to her top choice.

ELLA, Satisfied Client

Tony's journey with us began in 8th grade when we set the foundation for his high school years, meticulously planning both his academic and extracurricular trajectories. As he approached the pivotal juncture of his 11th and 12th grades, our focus shifted towards the college application process. Tony aimed high, targeting two of the most prestigious universities: Princeton and Stanford. With our guidance, he navigated the application complexities, resulting in his remarkable achievement of being admitted to both institutions.

TONY, Grateful Applicant

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